Past simple and present continuous exercises pdf

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Yes, I will. In this picture, Jennifer is singing at a concert in New York.

Then check your answers. The poor girl was so scared! Complete the description with the words in the box. IIS Complete the calendar. Събития no програма, разписание: The plane leaves at ten.

Then write about Keanu Reeves. IB Write three words which start with these sounds. I like playing sports - I like playing football or just running or cycling. What are they watching. We have to wear a uniform! Sharon: I practise.

But the situation gradually

Present vs Past 1

I play the violin. Present свършено време 4. Sarah works a lot. Future Perfect Tense Questions - въпросителна форма За ga образуваме въпросителната форма, преместваме глагола сап:.

Use the verbs from the box.

  • Go along that street and Downing Street. Wh- questions Where do you work?
  • What are these?

IB Write the words in the correct order and complete with the short form of am, is or are. I want to talk to you. Turn right at the end, then first left, past simple and present continuous exercises pdf.

Write Toni I B Remember what you did last week. My favourite room in my house is my bedroom. Positive - положителна форма Глаголът can има една и съща форма за всички лица в сегашно време: I сап sing.

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Will you, cook ,dLnner,tg,rxight? Hi Vesko! We go to the cinema or we have a pizza. Декларация за поверителност.

Then compare city and country life! Sharon: Yes, I have got. TV and homework Sharon: 9? В това приложение ще научите за - видове времена на хинди напрегната формула диаграма в Hindi напрегната формула диаграма в Hindi PDF представи напрегната в Hindi напряга диаграма в Hindi с примери напрегната диаграма за превод от Hindi на английски с пример напрегната пълен диаграма Past simple and present continuous exercises pdf покриваме в това приложение: - 1.

Account Options Вход. Subject pronouns Object pronouns 1 you he she it we they me you him her it us them Give this book to me. Yes, I do.

He only g o Q uestions - в ъ п р о си те л н а форма За ga образуваме въпросителната форма, преместваме глагола: It is spring. Short answers Yes, I must. It is very big.

His sisters Wh- questions What colour eyes has he got. What sort of hair has she got. Той има две форми; а и an! By using this app you will learn all kinds of tips and tricks about tenses. My favourite thing Drummer Street is at the end.

Turn right along Green Street, then go left. Write directions from the bus station to these places. Short answers - kpamku о тго во р и Ч есто даваме kpamku отговори: Can you sing? She runs fast.

W riting Tips u планирани стъ пка-п о-стъ п ка различни видове писмени задачи W riting Gym s! Rewrite each sentence. Past продължително време 7.

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Short answers Yes, I do.

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This i s Do you know her?

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Do you want to come?

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